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Rise And Fall
remix-contest #1162

JUDGING - Winners announced : NaN years ago

Exaltation Records is the ascending electronic music label, which is located in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). We are making releases of Progressive House, Melodic House&Techno, Deep Techno, and Afro House tracks. We open a Remix Competition for Dorman's track Rise and Fall, released as part of the EP "Apex". Fascinating, dynamic, extraterrestrial... All this can be said about the new EP from Dormann The Apex in astronomy is a point on the celestial sphere where the speed of movement of the observer is directed. "This EP is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and life lessons, the first of its kind, the first on Exaltation Records! After a very long break, I'm just happy to be back in action! Enjoy it!" - Dormann RULES: - Only 1 remix submission per Artist. - All submissions must be sent to with a PRIVATE SoundCloud link. - WE WILL NOT download any links sent to us. - We accept mp3 / Wav for submission purposes only (Winner will provide an unmastered Wav -6db when requested). - All Stems are owned by Exaltation Records. You MAY NOT use these remix parts again for original material * Remixes can NOT be distributed for sale WITHOUT the permission of Exaltation Records. - Competition closes NOV 1st. - Winner will be announced on OCTOBER 26TH on our social media platform & via email. If you have any questions/problems downloading files please email us at

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