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Keep Quiet
remix-contest #1223

JUDGING - Winners announced : NaN years ago

Hello all. This is our first contest and our second single that we gonna release it as an EP with the first 3 winners of this contest. If you have a mic and you can write and sing your lyrics, this is the place for you. Try to write some verse and some chorus for this track and record yourself. You can write about anything you want as it is in English and it is recorded at a decent quality. Is your choice for the theme. We will select three of the contest entry and, after the judging process it's done we release this project as an EP on all major store and streaming platforms. How to submit: First follow us on social media: -Instagram: @GrantMusicProduction -Facebook: @GrantMusicProduction -Tik Tok: @grantmusicproduction - Soundcloud: @GrantmusicProduction -Language: Only English but we are open to any language if it's sound good. Download Instrumental Track here: - Record your vocal on the instrumental, name it: "Grant Music Production feat. YOUR NAME - Keep Quiet" (Official Contest) – Include in the description of your track the following links: Grant Music Production: - Instagram: @GrantMusicProduction - Facebook: @GrantMusicProduction - Tik Tok: @grantmusicproduction - Soundcloud: @GrantmusicProduction - Upload on your Soundcloud (public mode) and send us the acapella and the link of your Soundcloud track at Your track will be added to a Soundcloud public playlist Winnes will be selected by a team of music producers, label and artists from our team. We will also take into consideration the popularity reached on the Soundcloud of your submited track. All tracks submitted to the contest become property of Grant Music Production, and by submitting your track and sending it to Grant Music Production, you accept this. DO NOT RELEASE YOUR TRACK STORES! DO NOT MONETIZE ! Such usage will be easily spotted by automatic content matching and Copyright Complaints will be filed against you. Please, be respectful, you are allowed to share your track but don’t abuse it! for more question please send us an email to:

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