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By Latin Fish

Latin Fish - Cuban Étude No.1
remix-contest #1317

I am Dimitris Palantzas from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a music producer and mixing engineer while I also give lots of feedback over at My motto is what was once said by the Godfather of House music, Frankie Knuckles: "Keep the vibe alive". It's all about aesthetic beauty and lovely science. Fundamentelly inspired by the creation, evolution and superordinate culture of electronic dance music through the years in tandem with the beauty of our universe as God engineered it. Dance4Life! I believe that any kind of audio engineering can be a huge artistic playground and much more than just a technician's job. Quality sound is a passion. Creating sound that conveys vibe, not necessarily music.. This track is inspired by my love for cuban music in tandem with electronic dance music and all kinds of art.

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