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Regeneration 2017
remix-contest #296

JUDGING - Winners announced : NaN years ago

<p>"We finally finished a 2013 tune featured in Beats 4 Love festival video:" - Cyberluke &amp; VinylFanatic<br /><br /> Song genre is drum&amp;bass, but any genre is welcome.<br /><br /> Remix pack includes midi files for lead synth &amp; bass as well as individual stems. Straight beats are welcome!<br /><br /> Remixes are to be submited here on this site. It is also recommended that users post their submissions on their Soundcloud accounts and other sites with the Title:<br /><br /> Cyberluke &amp; VinylFanatic - Regeneration (PRODUCER NAME Remix)<br /><br /><br /> Submissions will be judged by the artist on quality, creativity, NOT social media involvement.<br /><br /> Facebook:<br /> Soundcloud:</p> <p>LANDR is offering 2 free WAV master to give your track the professional sound it deserves before entering the competition. <a href=";utm_medium=partner&amp;utm_campaign=SignUp&amp;utm_content=lp_qualityspeed" class="underline" target="_blank"> Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.</a></p>

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