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remix-contest #1376

We are very excited to be teaming up with the talented Uniekgrace! She is challenging the SKIO community to Remix her song “ Never Alone” and encourages everyone to bring their creativity and hype with this love song. Have some fun with it and keep it positive (no swear words!).

With a diverse childhood, growing up on three different continents, Uniekgrace creates a unique blend of music, with rich templates of culture. Her unique style includes versatility to sing different genres, such as afrobeat, gospel, pop and much more!

The different influences in her music, birth new and different ideas into each of her songs and keeps her audience always excited. Uniekgrace is always highly engaged with her audience, teaching her methods and making it a goal to always be approachable to her listeners.

She is an artist that everyone can recognize themselves in!

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